Hi there!

My name’s Heidi, I’m 38 and have bowel cancer for the second time

Me on holiday in Switzerland, trying to feel “normal”

Having cancer is hard. It is a daily struggle to maintain normality in your life and feel like yourself. It is medication, blood tests, scans, appointments and more.

Some days you don’t want to read long, serious blog posts or articles about cancer. Often, you just want some quick advice, snippets of info or a funny read. That’s why I created this site.

Here you will find my “Five Things…” blog posts that deal with lots of topics relating to cancer. I also include some snippets from the diary I wrote the first time I had cancer.

From diagnosis, treatment, and funny events that happen along the way, I will try to cover it all. And if you think I should be talking about other issues, feel free to get in touch!

For now, happy reading and big hugs to my fellow fighters.

Heidi xxx